With an interest in both the business drivers and the technology of information systems, I focus on bridging the gap between business and IT. Backed by my work experience and professional education I’m able to communicate with IT and operations at a strategical, tactical and operational level.

As an enabler—not the driver—of the business, I leverage the possibilities of IT. My analyses are based on the organizations’ business processes, business rules, and information flows, taking (new) technical possibilities into account. My main focus is to have the organization supported efficiently and effectively either with or without IT.

Professional experience

Everest B.V.

Via Everest, I’m being contracted to improving the core processes, knowledge and information used in these processes using the Dynamic Case Management and Knowledge Management framework Blueriq

Solution Architect (years experiencemonths experience)

Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit

I’m responsible, together with the other solution architects, for the fit of the different components within the system landscape and the business architecture. To accomplish a flexible solution I research and validate the optimal architectural guidelines and patterns and consult the different stakeholders.


  • Research and validate the optimal solution to develop the system
  • Determine and define the structure and behavior of the system
  • Describe the effects of the architectural guidelines and patterns to stakeholders
  • Determine and guard the scope of the components comprising the system

Business Engineer and Technical Leader (years experience)

Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit

I’m responsible for the quality of the models my team delivers—both the implementation as well as the fit within the solution architecture. In addition, I take care the components we deliver fulfill the business architecture and the project goals. Either by adjusting the components or starting a conversation to change the scope of the request, the business architecture or the project goals.


  • Managing a components team within a SAFe project
  • Determine the necessary changes to the system
  • Guard against (technical) scope creep of the components I’m responsible for
  • Modelling components to build a case-based system—using DCM, workflows and decision management—replacing a large number of legacy systems


Contracted from CIMSOLUTIONS to various institutions and companies in various roles.

Analist (years experience)

Volvo Financial Services

Working as an analyst I obtained, analyzed, specified and validated (business) requirements for a global financial system. In cooperation with the domain experts, I described the functional requirements. In cooperation with the architects, developers, and testers I clarified the requirements to unambiguously implement the request. Both the functional requirements and the technical implementation were continuously taken into consideration. Additional, I followed up on the actual results due to the change and took action if required.


  • Elicitate requirements and changes to both the application and the business processes
  • Analyse and prepare proposals to close the communication loop between the analysis and development processes and improve these processes. To accomplish this I’ve used: Agile Development-techniques, User stories, Use cases, Archimate and DDD
  • Validation of business cases
  • Improve the analysis documents and the application by giving presentations, introducing business domain descriptions and creating information models
  • Involved in the deployment of the application in European and Asian markets

Software architect (years experience)

Volvo Financial Services

I created and enforced architecture principles and guidelines for several applications, taking the enterprise architecture into account. I also participated in the implementation of these applications. My contributions are mostly in the field of financial calculations and the communication between the applications and the back offices.


  • Research and assess the possibilities to incorporate modern technologies like jQuery and AJAX
  • Creating and enforcing architecture principles and guidelines and the branching strategy
  • Pan-European rollout of the application

Senior Software Developer (years experience)

Volvo Financial Services & Robeco

I developed several web applications. both independently and in a team.


  • Elicitate customer requirements
  • Creating and enforcing architecture principles and guidelines and the branching strategy
  • Development of web applications using C#.NET and Java



Development and sales of software and services using modern communication technologies to customers without extensive technical knowledge.


  • Development and sales of software to prevent millenium (‘year 2000’) problems
  • Development and distribution of libraries for use by software developers
  • Identify, implement and deploy specialized hosting products in niche markets


Academic education

Business Process Management & IT

Open University

Plan, justify and conduct research to identify improvements, redesign business processes and manage automation projects.

Specialization: IT Governance—What makes a good IT process, how to organize a process, measure and improve a process?

Thesis: Applicability of Agile techniques in non-Agile software development processes.

Technical Informatics

Delft University of Technology

Plan, justify and conduct research to improve the development of information systems and business processes and the mutual (qualitative) affects on eachother.

Specialization: Information Systems and Management of Information Systems

Thesis: Service Level Agreement Specification Process


Blueriq Business Professional

Blueriq B.V.

Dit certificaat wordt uitgereikt indien men: - kennis en ervaring van DCM, DM en Advanced Business Modelling heeft; - ruime ervaring als lead modelleur op een project of team heeft.

Professional training

Implementing SAFe


Blueriq Business Modeling Academy

Blueriq B.V.

Business Modelling Foundation

Blueriq B.V.

Best Practices Project Management


Introduction to informatieanalysis and requirements management


Object Oriented Architecture and Design


Additional information


  • Dutch: native
  • English: professional working proficiency
  • German: limited working proficiency


  • Analytical: using my analytical skills I am able to quickly understand problems, related them to eachother and possible solutions.
  • Practical: I always try to find the most efficient solution to resolve the problem.
  • Theoretical: a solid theoretical background helps to find out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Opiniated: I do propagate my opinion, of course using sound arguments.
  • Communicative: I like to talk to many different roles to gather information and share knowledge.


  • Work related: Business Process Modelling, Information Modelling, Enterprise Architecture, Analysis
  • Non-work related: Travelling & culture, sport